The Netherlands

The only thing that is “flat” about the Netherlands is its land – otherwise, this is a country that is as wonderfully diverse as its colored houses. Famous for being the land of canals and tulips, the Netherland is world-famous for having what can be called an enviably spectacular natural scene. 

The country is pretty much the definition of punching above its weight – anything you expect to see here, you are bound to see much, much more. The natural scene, for instance, looks like it came straight out of a painting. The stereotypical image of a tulip-laden fields near cheese-producing dairy farms and large imposing windmills are true and seen in reality are an experience surreal like no others. There is also an extensive coastline consisting of the picturesque beaches of Zeeland, which are over 650 kilometers long. All of these places are filled with cycling trails for tourists to explore at their own time and leisure.

The Netherlands is also one of Scandinavia’s best examples of culture. Home to stalwarts like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Mondrian, the country’s capital Amsterdam is one of the biggest cultural draws. The city is dotted with step-gabled houses and cozy coffeeshops, and free-standing bikes. All of this is crisscrossed by a network of bridges and waterways, most of which also double as UNESCO heritage sites. Other cities where tourists flock includes the industrial port city of Rotterdam and the Limburgian city of Maastricht.

Some facts about The Netherlands:

  • Amsterdam is known for its beautiful bridges. There are over 1,281 bridges of them in the country.
  • The Netherlands is actually one of the lowest lying areas of Europe. In fact, its name, literally translates into “the lowlands!” Over 60% of its landmass is actually located below sea level.
  • The Netherlands is known to having bicycles than it has people. There are more than 22 million bicycles here – that is an average of 1.3 bicycles per individual.

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