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The beautiful island of Bali is located in Indonesia and is one of the more remote travel destinations from the U.S. However, most travelers will attest that the long trip was well worth the travel time. And once inside Bali, the price of everything drops considerably. Everything from transportation to food to entertainment all comes with a rather inexpensive price tag. It is essentially a whole lot of luxury for much less than travelers would expect to pay in many other countries. This tropical island paradise offers local festivals and a cultural heritage that stresses tranquility.


The people are also very welcoming as it is a very tourist-friendly destination. The beaches and tropical nature scenes speak for themselves as some of the most extraordinary in the world. Safari lodges, Balinese art and being a world renowned yoga destination are more of the offerings that come with a trip to Bali. It is also considered to be a romantic travel destination as honeymooners and couples can take advantage of all the island amenities that can make for a memorable vacation. Outdoor activities are also in great abundance and Bali is even considered a surfer’s paradise. A trip to Bali is truly a once in a lifetime type of experience.