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The land of imposing mountains, vast coastlines, extensive lochs, proud people, smoked salmon and the famous single malt – Scotland is a destination where one can never have too much of anything – simply because there is so much to do!

An effortless mix of the old and new, Scotland showcases various time periods on its compact, yet highly varied geography. The country features a large number of ancient buildings and monuments that span several millennia, including (but certainly not limited to) the prehistoric era Heart of Neolithic Orkney (which is listed as a UNESCO site), the Finlarig fort, the Eilean Donan Castle and the Calanais Stones in Lewis, among others.

Scotland also boasts a vibrant city life – with cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, which house some of the UK’s most exceptional museums and galleries, boutiques, traditional as well as modern pubs, innovative restaurants, cocktail bars and hotels.

Scotland is also the home to some of the largest and most eccentric festivals in the world – games played at Scottish festivals include porridge-making championships, craft ale contests, and games that traces their origin to the traditional Highland such as hammer-throwing and caber tossing, among others.

For outdoor enthusiasts in particular, Scotland is one of the most ideal places to be. With a wide variety of natural attraction, the outdoors of Scotland have something for every taste. Those with a thirst for adventure can go on the Perthshire rapids, trek on the West Island Way and climb the ice falls in Glencoe. Those who prefer a more quiet and reflective outing can visit St. Andrews, go to the Cairngorms National Park (which is home to famous wildcat), watch whales at the Orkneys, and go fishing salmons on the River Tweed.

English is the main language spoken in Scotland – though it is spoken in a different dialect that is called “Scottish English.” Minority languages include Scots and Scottish Gaelic.

A few facts about Scotland:

  • Scotland is a land of many firsts – it has the first bank to print its own banknotes, the world’s first fire-brigade, and some of the world’s oldest running businesses.
  • Scotland is the home of Scotch – the classiest and most-loved variety of whiskey throughout the world.
  • The annually-held Edinburgh festival in Scotland is one of the largest arts festivals in the world, and attracts over 3,00,000 people.