Thanks to its checkered history of political turmoil and violence, Venezuela is a country that is often given a miss. Those who have dared to visit against all prejudices, however, have known that it is as rewarding as any of its, for the larger part, prominent neighbors.

Natural wonders are abundant here – from the Andean ranges and high-and-mighty mountain peaks, dense, untouched and rich rainforests, and golden beaches to the plateaus of the mysterious Lost World – there clearly is much here that is simply begging to be explored. Natural attractions include Los Llanos harbor tropical lowlands, with an unparalleled wildlife density, the mountains of the Guyana highlands, the Angel Falls (which is the world’s highest waterfall), and the Amazon rainforest, among many others. The sea beaches here aren’t slow to catch up either, with a smattering of offshore islands that functions fabulously as destinations for relaxation and partying – or both – depending on one’s preference.

Amongst all of this natural lies Caracas, the capital – both geographically and culturally. Acting as the symbol of Venezuelan urban culture, the city is a sight to see and admire, with its hillside favelas and crumbling old and colonial buildings checkered with high modern skyscrapers. History buffs can take a look at the many fine monuments, galleries and museums present here, while lifestyle enthusiasts can soak in what is essentially a wonderful cuisine scene and a vibrant nightlife.

Some facts about Venezuela:

  • Venezuela is home to the Catatumbo Lightning – one of the most fascinating atmospheric phenomenon in the world.
  • One of the founding members of the OPEC, Venezuela has some of the largest oil reserves in the world.
  • The national instrument of Venezuela is the Cuatro – it is a kind of miniature guitar.
  • The first European to have discovered Venezuela was Christopher Columbus.
  • One of Venezuela’s most popular drinks is the ‘chi cha andina.’ It is made from corn flour or rice flour.

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