The best way to describe India’s capital city of Delhi is to call it a land of extreme paradoxes. While any city has all the elements of life – the rich, the poor, the posh, the slum, the glum and the stylish, Delhi is one that has it all within the same space. Rarely can one ever see a place that has wealth and poverty, and beauty and grime – and more – all in the same frame.

The metropolis has been around since hundreds of years, and has seen the rise and fall of many a great civilizations – from the ancient, to the Slave dynasty, and from the Mughals to the British – all the way to becoming the political head of modern India.

Always moving and dynamic, Delhi is always undergoing a state of change. For instance, right now, it is the less posh areas of the city that are in regeneration. With a wave of young people getting educated and becoming breadwinners, many of these places are turning into hip urban centers, with fancy restaurants, cafes, bookstores and more.

Anyone visiting here for the first time is sure to be overwhelmed by the almost-kaleidoscopic plethora of sights and sounds. But look at a different way, and that is the beauty of it. Somewhere within the hum of the uncontrollable traffic, the livestock herders between motorized vehicles, and the pedestrians going about on their various errands, lies a wonder than can only be seen to be believed.

Monuments are here in abundance – from the political structures such as the parliament house and Rashtrapati Bhavan, to the erstwhile medieval structures such as the Red Fort, and the Old Fort, along with British Raj-era constructions such as Connaught Place and India Gate. Other attractions include the Jama Masjid – India’s largest mosque, Rajghat – Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial.

All in all, if you’re looking for a place that offers a slice of history with the travel experience, Delhi is where you need to be.

Some facts about Delhi

  • The famous Red Fort was once white in color. It was painted red by the British for preservation.
  • The Khari Baori market, which is located near the Fatehpuri mosque, is home to one of Asia’s biggest spice markets.
  • Delhi is famously the site of the museum of Toilets (yes, you heard that right).

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