When you are in the mood for a big-city vacation, Tokyo is the place to go. While many Americans believe New York to be a big city, Tokyo takes big city living to another level. The size of the city has not stopped its people from minding their manners while the city also remains very clean since the act of littering is very rare. Tokyo is also very safe for a big city. Tokyo’s metro transit system is the fastest and busiest in the world. However, it is easy to access and can get you around town quickly at a very affordable price.

Within the urban setting, there are many shrines, gardens and temples which provide a soothing effect. Dining out provides a ton of options and Tokyo is home to some of the finest Michelin Star restaurants in the world. Eating out also meets all kinds of budgets as there are eateries on virtually every corner. The price of a room is not as much as travelers might believe. Plenty of affordable rooms at quality hotels are readily available throughout the city. Flying into Tokyo is easy, and does not require a flight to a remote airport far away from the city.

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