If you are looking for beauty and perfection in your next trip, the one place you need to head to is Switzerland. A delectable blend of fresh air, greenery and urban landscapes – the country is quite literally the stuff of dreams anyone could hope for. 

The natural features of Switzerland are truly a gift – one that may look like it comes straight from a picture-perfect painting. The Alps are as quiet as they are alive – inspiring many a visitors to live their lives to the fullest and most positive once they return from their trips. The mountainous areas have several spots for adventure sports like hiking, mountain biking, and of course skiing. There are several famous resorts here, such as Zermatt, Verbier and St. Moritz – finding a celebrity spending their vacation time at one of these is a very common sight.

The capital city of Berne is ultra-modern, yet stopped in its centuries long history. Opportunities for tourists here are endless – they can go shopping, sightseeing, and see the traditional folk entertainment. Art lovers can head to Zurich, as can nightlife enthusiasts, while those looking for a slice of modern history should head over to Geneva. A highly upscale city, Geneva is a bumbling city with a large expat community, many of who work for the various international organizations that have their headquarters here.

Switzerland is also the land of many a famous festivals – these include the epic Art Basel fair. The French-influenced Montreux Jazz Festival. Some of the finest products of Switzerland – namely its art, cheeses and luxury watches can be seen here.

Some facts about Switzerland:

  • There are over 7000 lakes in Switzerland. The largest of these lakes is Lake Geneva, which it shares with France.
  • Switzerland has 4 national languages – French, German, Italian and Romansh
  • CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, is located here.

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