If you like your experience of Southern Europe with a dash of the Balkans, Croatia is the place you need to visit. Famous for being one of Europe’s best seaside destinations, Croatia boasts over a thousand islands, as well as a spectacular stretch of the coastline adjacent to the Adriatic Sea. 

Anyone who has been to Croatia will always point out how perfect the place really looks. It is really magical how the sunshine and the crystal-like waters mesh to form a captivating spectacle. That is not all to its natural beauty though. There are a variety of natural features here that are a sight for sore eyes. From the lake-centered national park in Plitvice to the highlands and ranges of Gorski Kotar, Croatia needs to be seen to be believed. The Adriatic coastline, however, remains the top draw, attracting scores of adventure sports enthusiasts who engage in activities such as sea kayaking, rafting, diving, and of course, sailing.

Urban explorers will not be disappointed either – for Croatia is home to some of the oldest and most mysterious walled cities and Romans ruins, which have so far been underexplored. Zagreb, the capital city is miniature Europe in itself, with its central European architecture, southern historic castles, and subtle remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Other cities that are worth exploring are Dubrovnik and Split, which pack in culture and history like nothing else you have ever seen. Last but not the least, there is Dalmatia, which has of recent become one of the top destinations for spending a quiet-but-fulfilling summer. The island, which was once secluded from all of Europe, is now popular among budget and elite travelers alike.

Some facts about Croatia:

  • The city of Vinkovci is famous for being one of the oldest inhabited ones in all of Europe. It has been inhabited for 8,000 years now.
  • The famous Dalmatian dog breed has its origin in Croatia – specifically in the Dalmatia region, after which it is named.
  • The famous inventor Nikola Tesla was born in the city of Smiljan in Croatia

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