South America

From ancient history to modern nightlife and from the desert to the mountains – South America is nothing short of a land full of some of the best and most fulfilling adventures you will ever find.

The sheer exquisiteness and beauty of the natural wonders of south America can never be explained in any words – for besides these qualities – and more, they carry within themselves an air of mystery that is bound to keep you interested and wanting to keep traveling “one more time.” Several stunning landscapes are embedded within the vast continent – from the snow-clad mountains, rock-hard and icy-blue glaciers, to grassy wetlands and dense rainforests to bone-dry deserts and red canyons to golden beaches and tropical islands – South America really does have it all when it comes to vast, interesting and stunning landscapes. The continent is also awash with ancient history, with indigenous peoples and their traditions that date back to antiquity.

The liveliness of South America doesn’t end at its natural wonders, however – the urban landscape of the continent is just as stunning and interesting as its nature. There is an abundance of colonial towns (given that all countries were colonies at some point or the other), and cobblestone streets, gilded churches and classic plazas are more common than one might think. Visitors will find the elements of the old and the new mesh in the most extraordinary way – with indigenous markets sharing space with modern ones, and old drum corps sharing space with the modern form of nightlife.

Any trip to anywhere in South America is incomplete without experiencing their love the performing arts. The biggest destination when it comes to all things music dance, there is a lot to move to – from the Andean folk music and the Argentine tango to the Brazilian samba and the Colombian salsa. The things to listen to are also endless, what with stellar examples like Paraguayan harp music, Brazilian forró, Ecuadorian passillos, and Peruvian trovas, among scores of others. Frankly, there’s very less to do other than jump in and let the atmosphere.

A little understated, a little underrated. Somewhat unexplored, but once visited, will surely have you coming back for more – that is essentially what South America is – and certainly not an experience that you will ever forget. All you need to do is show up.

Some facts about South America: 

  • Both the continents of South and North America are named after Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer named who discovered them.
  • South America is home to several geographical marvels, which include (but are not limited to) Mount Aconcagua (the 2nd highest mountain range in the world), the Atacama Desert (the driest place in the world), La Paz (the world’s highest capital), the Amazon rainforest (the world’s largest rainforest with the greatest biodiversity), the city of Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world), Lake Titicaca (the world’s highest commercially navigable lake), the Angel Falls (the world’s highest waterfall), the Amazon River (which is the world’s largest river in terms of volume), and the Andes (the world’s longest mountain ranges).
  • Five of the largest fifty cities in the world are present in South America, namely Sao Paulo (Brazil), Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia), Rio (Brazil), and Santiago (Chile).
  • South America is known for elusive density of indigenous tribes who continue to practice their traditional lifestyles, despite any and all development. It is said that many of these are so deep and isolated that they have still not interacted with the modern world.
  • While Spanish and Portuguese are undoubtedly the most common languages spoken throughout the continent, the total number of languages spoken scale over 180, and include Asian and European languages, and a vast variety of Creoles.

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