For a country that is incredibly charming, Germany is classically misunderstood. It is commonplace for people to expect the very famously Teutonic-influenced homogeneity when they come here, only to leave with an experience that is anything but that. In fact, Germany is best described as a melting pot of natural and man-made wonders. 

Located at the heart of Europe – both on the map and in spirit, Germany is the biggest in the European Union in terms of economy, population count, and the number of countries with which it shares its borders. And the best part is that all of these factors contribute to its strength – there is no room for weakness here. When thought this way, one can realize why Germany is far more diverse than it is ever given credit for.

Despite having some of Europe most picturesque natural wonders, Germany’s urban landscape is the bigger attraction. Berlin, the capital, is an epitome of dynamism and creativity – and is a centre of creativity in all its forms. Other cities, such as Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, and Cologne are artistic and cultural centers, and give the capital the background and support it needs and deserves.

All that is not to say that the German countryside is a small deal – as mentioned already, the country has some of Europe’s top destinations. These include the peaks of the peaks of the Bavarian Alps, Mecklenburg Lake District’s moors, the Jasmund National Park and its cliffs, and of course the Rhenian castles. There is no dearth of activities – skiing, motoring, boating, hiking, cycling – all kinds of sports are pursued here.

All in all, if you are looking to be pleasantly shocked and surprisingly fulfilled, be sure to make Germany your next destination.

Some facts about Germany:

  • Germany is home to the narrowest street in the world. Located in Reutlingen, the road is called Spreuerhofstrasse, and is about a foot wide on its narrowest point.
  • Germany has the largest number of zoos the world – over 400 in a single country!
  • Germany hosts the world’s biggest festival – the Oktoberfest. Held in Munich and Bavaria, beer glass sizes here are available at a liter per glass instead of 500 ml.

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