The Philippines is home to beautiful beaches and breathtaking displays of nature. Some of its tropical and mountainous nature scenes are unlike any other in the world. The weather is pretty much perfect as the location of the Philippines never lets the temperature get too hot or too cold. The hottest average monthly temperature is 85 degrees, which occurs in May. Meanwhile, the coldest average monthly temperature of 78 degrees takes place in January. More than 90% of the population speaks English, so there is no need to struggle when communicating with the locals.

English is also the official language of the Filipino government while many of the country’s newspapers and magazines are printed in English. The marine life, number of animal species and plant life in the Philippines are in great abundance, providing one-of-a-kind sightseeing tours. There are also 37 volcanoes located throughout the Philippines, which provides the opportunity for some remarkable day trips. The country is also known for its friendliness while shopping is a big part of the things to do. Travel time on trips back to the United States via the west coast are reduced by a few hours because of the jet stream.

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