Renowned for its stunning landscapes and breathtaking natural features, Fiji is the ideal place to visit for those looking for a low-key, yet high-rated tourism experience – be it alone or with company.

A country that has something for everyone, Fiji is a place that may look small, but boasts attraction that is sure to keep its visitor curious for a very long time. Filled with natural features, Fiji has some of Oceania’s most beautiful waterfalls, rainforests, jungles, reefs, lagoons and beaches one could ever hope to visit.

An outdoor enthusiast has plenty to do here –from snorkeling and exploring the 1500-species strong marine life, to diving, from trekking along the picturesque paths to birdwatching, and exploring the forests on almost-roadless islands – there’s much to take in from here as far as experiences are concerned.

The highlight of Fiji, however, is its people and culture. With over 300 islands, and a vast history consisting of several peoples of different cultures landing here, Fiji is an eclectic mosaic of a variety of cultures and backgrounds – Melanesian, Polynesian, East Indian, European and Chinese are but the most prominent of these. While they all speak their own languages, they are well-fluent in English, which makes for an more seamless experience when it comes to communication.

Touched by a tinge of modern civilization, there is the capital city of Suva to explore, which has garnered a reputation of being a curious cultural hub, with its mix of modern and colonial architecture. Not only is the city home of half of the population of the country, it is also the largest in all of South Pacific. It is also home to a vibrant nightlife.

Some facts about Fiji:

  • After spending a total of 96 years as a colony of the British Empire, Fiji finally gained its independence in 1970.
  • The most popular sport in Fiji is Rugby Union. Other sports that are played in the country include football, rugby league and rugby 7’s.
  • One of the most successful and well-known sportsmen of Fiji is Vijay Singh, a professional golfer who has so far won three major championships.
  • The Kava is the traditional drink of Fiji. It is made from the yaqona roots.
  • A widely known and accepted way to say ‘yes’ in Fiji is to raise one’s eyebrows.

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