As one of the world’s most popular and most-often visited destinations, Brazil offers travelers what many countries cannot – a scintillating view of the wilderness and a world that is untouched by urban culture.

Undoubtedly, the outdoors are the highlight of Brazil –the Amazon Forest (over 60% of the rainforest falls in Brazil) and the vast and majestic flora and fauna of the Amazon Basin, the eclectic crowds and vast coastlines of the sandy Copacabana beach, the Pantanal wetlands, sand dunes of northern Natal and the Iguaçu Falls are only a few examples of the world famous destinations that are present in one of the world’s largest countries.

The Brazilians, themselves, are one of the biggest draws of the country. With a reputation for being some of the most positive-spirited and passionate people, the Brazilians are sincere with their work, and tend to enjoy their lives by making the best of everything they have sans complaints. This is visible through their lifestyles – from having fun at Carnival to enjoying themselves in trendy nightclubs.

No trip to Brazil, however, is complete without getting a flavor of the culture of music and dance. Brazil is known for contributing to the world dance and music in a massive way through bossa nova, lambada, and of course, samba, but there are dozens of other equally enjoyable genres as well, such as baile funk from Rio and the forró from the Northeast.

A few facts about Brazil:

  • It is the fifth largest country in the world in terms of area.
  • Brazil shares a border all but two South American countries – namely Chile and Ecuador.
  • Brazilians are incredibly passionate when it comes to soccer – almost every Brazilian city has its own soccer stadium.
  • The Amazon Jungle, 60% of which is present in Brazil, has the greatest biodiversity on Earth.
  • The popular music and dance form – the Samba originated in Brazil in the 1800’s. It remains very popular in South America at large.

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