The hip and hearty Bengaluru – which, until recently was called Bangalore, is the heart of southern India, connecting the mainland and beaches of the state of Karnataka, which it is a capital of.

Gone are the days when Bengaluru was a quaint, old, and sleepy town – the metropolis today stands as the biggest centers of educated and cosmopolitan urban populations in what is one of the fastest growing IT hubs of the Asian continent. It is therefore, no wonder that the city seems to have its office towers, high-rise apartments and skyscrapers growing in numbers by the week.

Travel to Bengaluru and you shall get every modern comfort you can ever hope for as a traveler – swanky hotels, high-end restaurants, urban shopping experiences, multiplexes, endless Wi-Fi access – but with the touch of the Indian way of life. Curiously, even with all the bustling, you will be served just as equally a laid-back and relaxed vibe – something that will make you think of the city as a paradox of sorts.

The metro is anything but, however. Transport in the city is something to be boasted about. Not only does Bengaluru have a solid public transport system for within-the-city travel, it also has ample train and bus routes to nearby areas and is home to India’s third biggest airport. The latter, of course, offers flights for both domestic and international travel. Rest assured, when it comes to Bengaluru, transport is never a problem.

All said and done, Bengaluru does have its fair share of history. Much like major cities in the rest of the country, this too is home to many Hindu temples that trace their roots to ancient India, mosques and palaces from the medieval era and elegant examples of Victorian architecture, such as buildings and gardens.

Some facts about Bangalore

  • With a 10 million-strong population, Bengaluru is the third busiest city in India.
  • The rapidly growing IT sector here has given it the name of ‘Silicon Valley of India’
  • Often called the Pub Capital of India, Bengaluru has more than 800 pubs and bars alone!

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