If you’re among the many who live for adventure, and constantly yearn to explore things that couldn’t be more unknown, Argentina is definitely the place you need to visit. The neat Latin country, with its snow-clad peaks, majestic mountains, vast pampas and a bustling urban culture has a reputation for filling the hearts of adventure junkies with satisfaction and happiness and nothing in this world.

The northern part of this country is a treat for all kinds of natural beauty enthusiasts, starting with the Salta region and its mountains and rock formations in the north. This is also the region where their famous white wines – a result of the combination of the Gaucho and Spanish ways of life – are made. West to these lies the Mendoza region, known for being the location for the foothills of the Andes and the seat for several adventure sporting activities. Immediately south of these lies Patagonia region, with vast fields, large lakes and hills. Other highlights of natural and rustic Argentina include the Iguazu Falls, which border Argentina and Brazil, the Lake District, the coasts of Puerto Madryn (ideal for whale-watching), Punta Tombo (ideal for penguin-watching), and of course, Córdoba’s farmhouses and Jesuit chapels.

While most of urban Argentina (and especially its capital, Buenos Aires) is situated at the edge of the country, it remains one of the most mainstream attractions of Argentina. A city with unparalleled spirit, it is the home to many famous faces like Maradona and Evita, and has some the most well-renowned tango halls, grill restaurants along with some of the feistiest yet friendliest people you will ever find in the world.

If you thought clichés weren’t true, think again. Because Argentina is a place where they really are. Football has a more-or-less religion status, the beef is brilliant enough to make you spoiled (and give you second thoughts to make it your home), and the idea of a night out can never arise before it strikes midnight.

Argentina has lived through several scarring events, not least of them being a military dictatorship and a debilitating economic crisis, and yet remains vivacious and has a love for life that is sure to rub on to anyone who visits there.

Some facts about Argentina:

  • It is the eighth largest country in the world in terms of area.
  • The word “Argentina” comes argentum, which is the Latin name of Silver. This name was given by early European settlers, who believed that the country was had an excess of the precious metal.
  • One of Argentina’s most revered (and now retired) soccer player, Diego Maradona a fan-made religion dedicated to him.
  • Argentina is the only country in South America to have a special Welsh-speaking part, where the people speak a unique and special dialect of Welsh.
  • The “9th of July” Avenue in Argentina holds the record for being the widest in the world. Aside from 14 lanes, it has 4 lanes of parallel streets.

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